Learning Python

I have been studying Python, by reading Python Essentials by Steven Lott. It has shown me the basis of the language so far. Coming from a C background, I will be comparing data types to C data types.

The array data structures   like Tuples, where you can set a static fixed list. Like

static int myArray[3] = { 1,2,4,5 };

The list structures is very flexible similar to
int list[3];

the difference is in python you can add a element to the list without having a new object to move in to.

I find the Python language powerful, and it hides the nitty gritty.  You do not have to manage your own memory.

It will be fun to learn. One goal I have for this is to rewrite my LED sign software.

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embedded electronics

I now have a C/C++ compatible development platform. a arduino uno this device is a micro controller does what it needs based on what you program in to it.

i have all ready done the blinking light hello world. so now i can take the knowledge that i have gained working with PIC chips and apply it on this new platform.

My goals for it is to make DMX controlled random things. For now.

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OSPF to BGP on the wan

So I have been working on a multi-site vpn, with my Friends. With BGP as its core routing principle, which was upgraded from OSPF.

Its been interesting, with BGP handling the routing path its better then OSPF. As OSPF  allows *anyone* to announce a IP range, in a multi-site wan with different admins stepping over a IP range is bad, Figuring out who did it is a little bit harder with OSPF. Thus I looked for a new solution that is cross platform compatible.  BGP was the answer I came up with. This solution allows me  to see  the path, who owns the network

So you might be asking how did you get assigned AS numbers? There is a range set aside for private use in RFC 6996 .

to summarize from section 5 of that document:

 IANA has reserved, for Private Use, a contiguous block of 1023 Autonomous System numbers from the “16-bit Autonomous System Numbers” registry, namely 64512 – 65534 inclusive. IANA has also reserved, for Private Use, a contiguous block of 94,967,295 Autonomous System numbers from the “32-bit Autonomous System Numbers” registry, namely 4200000000 – 4294967294 inclusive.

From this I feel that me and my friends have more than enough AS numbers to play with.



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Job and lighting gigs

Hi y’all,
I have been busy keeping up with work at Rackspace and running lights at a club called The Roost located in North Austin.  its been interesting to run lights for different bands.

You can see some of the pictures I have taken in this post.

In  summary: Lights + good music + Fun people = good gig.


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still working

So i have been working mostly at work.

Some side projects like the 24 hour Video race.

Alpha 11 music Video is now on You tube.


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2012 Dallas International Film Festivial and aprs tracker


I am attending the Dallas Film Fest. For a little bit.  I have my New Kenwood TH-D72 radio, with a  APRS tracker, on me you all can track me on aprs.fi look for the call sign KD5LCT-7.


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I have been working for a bit now, At New York Air Brake in Irving Texas .

So I have not been spending as much time on personal projects. But there is more in the works.

NYAB shirt sitting on a chair

NYAB shirt sitting on a chair

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Halloween project

Hi y’all.

I have added more lights to the Halloween project.

A picture of the spiderweb gobo

There is now LED washes, two punkins and a spiderweb gobo!

Here is the link to the YouTube video. ^.^

Now to get programing

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Halloween at my house a work in progress

I have started working on my Halloween lighting here at the house. My setup is three OLA (Open Lighting Architecture) nodes and LightFactory

OLA node, dimmer and fresnel

a dockstar connected to a dimmer pack

1 universe output as the console. To the left you can see one of my OLA nodes. The node receives Art-Net dmx over ethernet and outputs it to the Enttec Open Dmx controller. which is plugged in to a dimmer pack that controls a Fresnel. the other nodes use Enttec’s usb dmx pro instead.

House Lights

The work in progress result





you can see a youtube video of the system in action here or with out commentary here.

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Industrial Controled Alarm Clock Build Has began

Industral Controlled Alarm clock Stations logic Earlier this month I started working on the Industrial controlled alarm clock again. The picture on the left is the SR latch logic for the input buttons. Jonathan Streeter is helping me out by pointing me the right way when it comes to logic.

The current Idea for the alarm clock is to be a modular system, with a bus connecting different processors (PIC chips).

The current part of the clock that I am working on is the Input from the buttons and output to the LED displays.

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