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Lights, Camera, Action

looking at a focus of the lights on set. Hi, I have been working on a setup for my Friend/roommate streamer. Serah. (that goes to her page)  This post is going to touch base on automation, and ease of control … Continue reading

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Streaming tonight

going to be streaming soldering work, tonight at 11pm CT. Goal is to prep all the connectors. on the mixer switch project.

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Moving on.

I am moving on from my networking job. at $National_ISP. If anyone needs a more senior Linux System admin/engineer in the austin area or remote. Reachout to me.

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working on upgrading from openwrt 7.09 to 18x  H1 is serial its 3.3 vdc  PIN 1 groundPIN 2 RXPIN 3 TXPIN 4 VCC? PIN headers are populated

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Streaming on Twitch

Hi everyone, I am going to be starting to work on electronics.  Streaming Live! on twitch  Link to my Discord . Join the server to meet other fellow Linux Users and Hardware modders/ Hackers.

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square wave power supply

I was looking in to my old 800W 120VAC DC to AC supply, to see just how bad the square wave is. The test in my view was not complete. I did not load test the supply. To see how … Continue reading

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Hiya everyone. I am transitioning from male to Female. Now with that said. I am going by Faye Archip now.  this was the last web presence to update.

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AD replacement

So I am looking to move away from Windows 2012r2 to a Linux stack to admin my windows boxes. So far I found UCS by univention. Based off Samba 4 it looks promising.   More to come as I dig deeper. … Continue reading

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just a cool production photo

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Asterisk hold music

I was working on updating my hold music on my asterisk lines. a quick method of doing this. Is as follows First covert the audio to mono 8000 sample rate “wav” files Then with sox installed for f in *.wav; … Continue reading

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